Membership Info

Folks at Home Membership Information

We are a group of people who envision having certain specified services available to Folks at Home members through their payment of a modest annual fee. Beyond those covered services we also help members make individualized arrangements with pre-screened vendors.

We want this kind of support for ourselves and for those we love – and we believe that you also want it.

Services included in your membership fee:

  • The Transportation service provides F@H clients with a means of traveling to scheduled local medical appointments, or to other essential places such as the pharmacy or grocery store. Transportation to an event is also an option. F@H staff members coordinate community volunteers to provide this service.
  • An initial interview with a F@H staff member will familiarize both parties with the services and needs of each. Home safety, fall risk, emergency preparedness, health education, and care management reviews are a vital component of our services.
  • Access to safety items for your temporary needs, such as, shower/bath chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.
  • Folks at Home membership will also include access to participation in periodic F@H-sponsored events, classes, activities, and excursions.
  • Members are offered connections with individuals willing to talk about travels, volunteering, work, health care, moving, care-giving, adjusting to the death of a loved one, or sharing mutual interests.
  • Vendor referrals and job satisfaction follow-up give members access to referrals from our growing list of vetted (pre-screened) vendors who are available to be hired. The vendor fee is paid directly to the vendor you hire; F@H is a referral source only. We will also follow up to make sure that you are satisfied with the vendor’s services. Vendors include, but are not limited to:
    • Transportation
    • Housekeeping
    • Lawn Service-mowing, raking, and removal of pet waste
    • Tree Trimming and Care
    • Gardening-weeding, planting, clean-up, etc.
    • Carpentry
    • Personal Organizing and Clutter Control
    • Home Repairs
    • Home Adaptation
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Window Washing
    • Laundry Help, Errands
    • Personal Assistance-bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc.

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